Using a powerful combination of cutting edge AI and our experience in obtaining the very best performance in retail, AI TOKYO LAB creates unique solutions for every market, dedicated to building new value no matter where we are employed.
Working together with Hokkaido University and other domestic research institutes, we balance academic intellect and practical business sensibility to develop new solutions on a daily basis.


 AI-powered Smart Camera Solution

AI-powered Analytics and Intelligence for Retail Business
AI TOKYO LAB's AI-powered Smart Camera Solution can
read your customer's mind on-site, before they check
out or pay the bill.
Our Smart Camera Solution Engine will instantly and continuously
gather actionable data, automatically Interpret and Integrate
these data, into meaningful metrics and information.
AI TOKYO LAB' answer to Improve Customer Relationship,
Business Operations, Store Management, and Security to Maximize Revenue and Profitability is here.

Key Features of Smart Camera Solution
- Customer Count / Analytics
- Customer Attributes / Statistics
- Face Recognition
- Heat maps, Queue Length Prediction
- Traffic Map
- Intrusion Detection
- Security
- Forecast daily sales in real-time

 AI Sales Forecasts & Demand Management

Our AI Sales Forecasts & Demand Management Engine
calculates and optimizes your sales forecasts every day
and provides you the most accurate data on the market.
Demand Management enables you to quickly and efficiently
generate and manage forecasts incorporating data from a
wide range of sources.
Especially in the seasonal business one must deal with fluctuating visitor numbers as well.
The number of visitors depends on many factors, including
advertising, weather, events, news from the regional news services and much more.
Our AI-powered marketing solutions allow efficient forecasting to accurately manage the in-store operation strategy.

 AI Shift Scheduling

Intelligent Shift Scheduling for companies with planning complexity
AI TOKYO LAB's innovative Shift Planning Engine is for
companies with complex requirements for personnel resource
planning. Our AI technology will take your shifts, team roster, and requirements to create the best possible schedules.
It accommodates vacation requests, staff preferences,
clinical needs, and last-minute changes of employees and
the progress of the work.
AI TOKYO LAB’s intelligent scheduling system could also
build the ideal schedule based on data analytics from multiple
demand signals likes sales, foot traffic numbers, and more.
When used with our AI Camera System, this integration would be a powerful tool to monitor the workplace operations
analyze the process and assist to increase the level of work more productive and efficient each day.

 AI Education Courses

AI is one of the fastest-growing and most transformational
technologies of our time, with numerous growth of job openings.
As the leading Provider of AI solutions, AI TOKYO LAB offers
AI Education Courses for Beginner to Advanced,
AI Course for Business Leaders and
Tailor-made Corporate Training Programs.
Master in-demand skills and access a new world of opportunities!
( The courses would mainly be in Japanese.)

 Outsource AI Software Development

As the leading Provider of AI solutions, AI TOKYO LAB has a wide experience of AI development for Japan's leading companies including automotive, finance, manufacture, tele-communication, retail, media, logistics, and restaurants. To achieve our client's high satisfaction,
AI TOKYO LAB has accumulated the best candidates
with necessary skills and knowledge for developments and creations.
One of our strength is that we can make the best proposal withoutdepending on any specific platforms or services.

  AI mini Lab.

"AI mini Lab" is a support service for conducting AI technology research and prototyping programs, etc., created by the voices of customers who are troubled by the introduction of AI. By conducting program prototyping with the minimum necessary data, it is possible to judge the applicability of AI technology at a reasonable price before the PoC.
For example, there are various kinds of issues like "Since there is no AI engineer in the company, it is not easy to verify the actual data of the AI ​​project", "It seems that it is necessary to verify the most advanced AI method, but there is no expert nearby", or "It is too expensive to start PoC", but our AI professional team with rich experience in AI development will support the project promotion together with customers.



AI Education Courses for Beginner to Advanced
AI Course for Business Leaders
Tailor-made Corporate Training Programs


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