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June 2, 2017

AI TOKYO LAB & Co. proudly announces a capital alliance with Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd.
~ Now actively recruiting skilled AI personnel in Hokkaido, to create exciting new
AI and IoT solutions ~

AI TOKYO LAB & Co. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Muneharu Kitade) formerly announces the conclusion of an agreement to enter into a capital alliance with Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Securities Code: 3544 Headquarters: Hokkaido, Sapporo City, President: Hiroki Tomiyama). As such AI TOKYO LAB & Co. (hereafter referred to as AITL) has implemented a third-party allotment of new shares, with details as follows.

■Overview of capital tie-up

Since our founding in June 2016, AITL has seen demand for its services quickly ramp up, and is now a trusted partner in finding AI solutions to our many major corporate clients, having consulted and developed solutions incorporating AI that have been lauded for realizing better productivity and raising operational efficiency.

With AI and IoT experiencing a rapid explosion in growth, and the rise in interest in AI solutions across a broad range of industries, AITL has officially concluded entering into a capital alliance with Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. in order to continue to provide higher quality services, and expand innovation.

1. Fusing a regional platform with AI to bring customers a new experience, while developing new and exciting solutions

In addition to operating 190 drug stores and pharmacies centered around Hokkaido, Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. is committed to deploying marketing platforms that have deep connections to local regions, having brought EZOCA (approximately 1.42 million members) together with the new electric power business (Ezoden) to Hokkaido.

With this capital alliance, AITL and Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. aim to leverage assets to bring the very latest in AI, IoT, and Fintech, creating never before seen experiences to customers, further improve work efficiency, forging a new kind of relationship between consumers and companies, and provide business solutions that bring viable models of expansion to local economies.

2. Active recruitment of AI human resources in Hokkaido

As AI markets explode throughout the world, there is a glaring shortage in people with the expertise and skills needed to bring this technology to the forefront.
To solve this problem, it was decided that by leveraging the significant name recognition held by Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. in Hokkaido, and together with the wonderful support offered by the esteemed Professor Kawamura, himself from Hokkaido University (laboratory director of “Sapporo AI Lab”) and also co-founder of AITL, we would be able to actively hire the very best in AI talent from all universities, high schools, etc. With this injection of fresh ideas and talent, we aim to promote joint development with research institutes such as universities, and foster human resource development in collaboration with industry, academia and government, building a system that will rapidly accelerate development speed and provide AI solutions to more companies.

3. Open innovation laboratory

We are also proud to Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. is in the planning stages to create an open inventory laboratory with the aim of developing technologies such as AI, IoT, FinTech, Blockchain, etc., which are central to analyzing and using big data.
※ Details will be disclosed at a later date

This capital and business tie-up will accelerate solution development, strengthen relationships with our partner companies, and contribute to local communities, while bettering society by providing new value in the AI and IoT era.

【Company Profile】


Representative :  Representative Director Muneharu Kitade
Address :  〒102-0073 Chiyoda-ku Kudankita 1-12 – 4
Establishment :  June 2016
Business description :  · AI solution development · AI introduction consulting
Capita l:  15 million yen (including capital reserve)

Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE Securities Code: 3544)

Representative :  Hiroki Tomiyama President and Representative Director
Address : 〒 00-2003 Hokkaido Sapporo City Kita-ku Taisho 3-1-2-18
Establishment :  August 2016
Capital :  1 billion yen

Inquiries concerning this matter

Company name :  AI Tokyo · Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Contact name :  Takahashi
TEL :  03-6380-8669
Email :

Company Name: Satsudora Holdings Co., Ltd.
Public Relations Department, General Affairs Department: Yasuda, Seiwa, Sasaki responsible for IR and CSR
TEL: 011-788-5166



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