Announcing the “AI Human Resource Development Seminar”: Jointly developed with Hokkaido University

Announcing the “AI Human Resource Development Seminar”:
Jointly developed with Hokkaido University
~Total support for the development of human resources capable of unlocking the potential AI

AI Tokyo Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Muneharu Kitade), a group company of Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Securities Code: 3544 Headquarters: President, Hokkaido Sapporo City, President: Hiroki Toyama) proudly announces a corporate “AI Human Resource Development Seminar” program in conjunction with Hokkaido University Harmonious Systems Engineering Laboratory (Professor Hidenori Kawamura).


While expectations are high for AI (artificial intelligence) to create great strides in promoting productivity in the corporate workplace and bring better ways of approaching operations, these advancements will undoubtedly have a significant impact on human resources. Focus is now on securing and training a new class of workers, dubbed the “new collar”, who are able to fully utilize these new technologies. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be a shortage of 480,000 in this new area. *1

Among our many clients, there have been many requests to secure and nurture talented people who possess a correct understand of AI and are able to utilize advanced technology according to their strategies and hurdles.

With these issues in mind, it was only natural for Hokkaido University’s Harmonious Systems Engineering Laboratory, which continues to spearhead research into AI research and human resources development from 1965 in a bid to support the creation of a “new collar” workforce, to collaborate with TOKYO AI LAB, which has significant experience in utilizing AI to solve productivity hurdles that burden modern corporations. We are excited to announce that the fruits of this collaboration are now ready to see the light of day. After many trials and tests, we proudly announce the launch of a new service; a curriculum dubbed the “AI Human Resource Development Course”.

※ 1) According to research conducted by NEDO (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

■Overview of “AI Human Resource Development Course” 

Our “AI Human Resources Development Course” is a tailor-made curriculum, divided into lectures and exercises which are created based on our interviews with the client, and an understanding of their issues and requests.
We are not bound to any one platform or software. Since we operate from an independent standpoint, we are equipped to explain technology in a manner that matches our clients needs and allows us to learn a wide variety of trends without bias.

Our base curriculum is comprised of 5 lectures, totaling 3 hours each, and contains the following:

Lecture: The basics of AI 




The basics of AI


  • What is AI, its history, and types 
  • What is Deep Learning, why did it become popular, and what types are out there? 
  • Research into AI, business case studies 
  • Future trends

Lecture: The basics of neural networks




The basics of neural networks


  • What are neural networks: a history and overview
  • Network propagation
  • Stochastic gradient descent method
  • Backpropagation
  • Types of DNN and overview(CNN、RNN、LSTM etc)


Understanding the basics of neural networks through a WebUI

  • How neural networks learn, the middle layer, and visualizing classification
  • Characteristics of problems and designing networks that solve the problem
  • Preventing overlearning


Image recognition using cloud services

  • Image recognition using a WEB UI
  • Recognizing physical objects
  • Recognizing faces
  • Recognizing famous people
  • Request via API

Lecture: The basics for chatbots




The basics for chatbots


  • History and overview of chatbots
  • How chatbots work, and what types are out there
  • Elements that make up chatbots
  • Cases and future hurdles


Building a chatbot that uses cloud services

  • Experience demo scenarios
  • Adding original scenarios
  • Request via API

Lecture: The basics of natural language processing




The basics of natural language processing


  • What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Morphological analysis, corpus
  • Syntactic analysis, semantic analysis
  • Technology on natural language classification (BoW, tf-idf)
  • NLP by deep learning


Japanese natural language processing that utilizes python

  • Implementing morphological analysis and looking at the results
  • Creating BoW using sample data
  • Calculating tf-idf and extracting feature words

Lecture: How can we use Deep Learning




Natural language processing by word2vec


  • Implementing word 2vec, and its implications
  • Similarity between words using sample data
  • Document similarity according to doc 2 vec


Handwriting recognition by mnist

  • Testing with the pre-built model
  • Accuracy, analyzing differences in results and implications of each model
  • Visualizing the middle layer
  • Model re-learning by Fine-tuning

■Standard fee for “AI Human Resource Development Course”

Course content: 5 times in total (3 hours / lecture) *customizable and tailored to each client
Recommended number of people: 20 to 50
Fee: 300,000 yen / person
* We also provide dedicated PCs for lectures

Inquiries concerning this matter

Company name :  AI Tokyo · Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Contact name :  Takahashi
TEL :  03-6380-8669
Emai l:  info@aitokyolab.com

【Company Profile】


Representative :  Representative Director Muneharu Kitade
Address :  〒102-0073 Chiyoda-ku Kudankita 1– chome 12 – 4
Establishment :  June 2016
Business description :  · AI solution development · AI introduction consulting
Capital :  15 million yen (including capital reserve)
URL : https://www.aitokyolab.com/

Satudora Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE Securities Code: 3544)

Representative :  Hiroki Tomiyama President and Representative Director
Address :  〒 00-2003 Hokkaido Sapporo City Kita-ku Taisho 3 – 1 – 2 – 18
Establishment :  August 2016
Capital :  1 billion yen
URL : https://satudora-hd.co.jp/



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