General Manager, Chubu Region

KAZUAKI ITO - Kazuaki Ito


Kazuaki is a graduate of the English Literature Department of Rikkyo Univeristy College of Arts.

At Yamaichi Securities, he engaged in corporate revitalization with a focus on retail. At Proto Corporation, Kazuaki was involved in a wide variety of roles, proposing sales plans to new and used car dealers, acting as editor in charge of a computer information magazine, designing and building a DTP system for a used car information magazine as well as lifestyle information magazine. He also designed and built an automobile assessment support system, all while overseeing production and marketing of the company website. As an executive officer at the Linet Japan Group, he was tasked with the production and marketing of reuse sites as well as forming of alliances with other companies, consulting for EC sites of major automobile manufacturers.

Kazuaki is a fervent believer in the power of artificial intelligence and brings aboard a wide variety of experience to AI TOKYO LAB.
Currently he is responsible for the Chubu area, and provides consulting on the digital marketing domain together with support for the introduction and operation of AI projects.


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